Issue 2 Launch Party

To celebrate Issue 2 of Anima, we gathered at The Cadogan in London’s Sloane Square. Surrounded by friends, new and old, guests enjoyed an evening filled with conversation, inspiration and the opportunity to delve into the latest edition of our magazine. This issue is a deep dive into the world of design, featuring the work and insights of Nathalie du Pasquier, Mami Wata, Otl Aicher, Barbara Kruger, Samuel Ross, Alessandro Mendini, Dieter Rams and Ferran Adrià. Throughout the pages of Anima, we explore the divergent yet intersecting paths of two iconic designers, Dieter Rams and Alessandro Mendini. Born within a year of each other, Rams and Mendini represent two vastly different approaches

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7 min

Joseph Zeal-Henry on designing inclusive urban spaces

From the Greater London Authority to the Venice Architecture Biennale, Joseph Zeal-Henry is revolutionising urbanism with a focus on …
8 min

Living on the Moon

What does it take to design a habitable civilisation on the Moon? Hassell reveals the Lunar Habitat Masterplan, offering a glimpse …

4 min

The thinking behind the first compactly stackable chair

In an extract from Phaidon’s monograph on David Rowland, Erwin Rowland and Laura Schenone explore the development and impact of the …

11 min

Alternatives to Charcoal

For affluent westerners charcoal is the means to add flavour to garden barbecues. But in much of the world, with no affordable …

3 min

Anima Issue 2

The thinking behind our latest issue.

7 min

Designing the uncanny: How sci-fi has shaped our future

From 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) to the Metaverse, Vitra Design Museum's new exhibition showcases the mutual influence of …

13 min

Dieter Rams looks back at Braun and forward for Vitsœ

Designed 65 years ago, Dieter Rams’ shelving system, now made in Britain, has outlived his work at Braun

7 min

The political uses of typography

Few typefaces carry as much political weight as Futura. From avant-garde to mainstream, to being in Barbara Kruger’s hands and then …

15 min

What is next for Samuel Ross

The polymath in conversation with Ayla Angelos

5 min

Nathalie du Pasquier is inspired

The artist Nathalie du Pasquier talks about the things that influence her work

9 min


AFROSPORT, a new publication from Mami Wata, spotlights Africa’s history and global influence through sport and design

11 min

A language without words

From ancient hieroglyphs to the Olympic Games and architectural signs for the deaf community, pictograms have become a powerful tool …

Anima talks to perhaps the most successful and prolific furniture designer of his generation

Issue Two S/S 2024