Issue one celebrates Milan's heritage as the birthplace of contemporary design, its global significance, and explores its future as a continuing centre for creative innovation. It goes behind the scenes in its studios and factories, delving into the work of revered practitioners and the next generation. Discover the soul of design.


Jony Ive is inspired

  • Words Jony Ive
  • Illustration Kate Copeland

I always carry a handkerchief.I can think of few more useful or functional products that have evolved over decades to become so beautiful and distinct, while remaining so essential and simple. Over the years I have collected and been given dozens and dozens of cotton squares. I have drawers full of colourful, neatly folded handkerchiefs that are unfailingly cheerful.There are not many items I own that survive daily use for so many years. While they see blood, sweat and tears, it is rare I throw one away — far more common is producing a fresh and clean handkerchief for a friend who was caught unprepared in a moment of need. I love that it will never be returned but will become their own.

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Issue One S/S 2023