2 min

Age of Analogue

A dive into designer Paul Smith’s retro-tech world, playful mementos of what the modern used to look like

12 min

Mirror Mirror

Chatsworth House has been a locus of art and design for generations. Here, the co-curator of its upcoming exhibition – which through …

4 min

Jony Ive is inspired

No designer has done more to change the way that we all live than Jony Ive, Apple’s former chief design officer and co founder of …

5 min

Architectural Intervention

At once comprehensive and highly idiosyncratic, Adam Štěch’s monumental project saw him photograph nearly a thousand works of modern …

10 min

Sustainably expanding the edges of the object

While design has been instrumental in servicing human needs and desires, it has long been predicated on the understanding that nature …

1 min

Talking Chairs

Anima still life with iconic chairs

6 min

Learning from Lausanne

Lausanne’s ECAL school of design has a worldwide reputation for producing talented graduates. Anima challenged some of its ECAL’s …

5 min

Tom Dixon in full bloom

The British designer’s gently subversive work – which spans furniture, lighting, and domestic accessories – combines the gritty and …

7 min

He abbreviated trees

What has been lost in the transition from hand-drawn to digital rendering? In conversation with architect Norman Foster, we …

3 min

Is this the world’s first piece of architecture?

The carved rock-shelter of Nawarla Gabarnmung is considered to be one of the oldest works of architecture. Accompanied by an elder …

6 min

Everyday design language

Antonio Citterio is perhaps the most successful and prolific furniture designer of his generation, having had a particularly long and …

4 min

Double portrait

Through the Incontri series, with its ambiguous and imprecise image-making, celebrated photographer Paolo Roversi captures the soul …

2 min

Assab One

Bringing art, design and architecture under the same roof, the not-for-profit has become an essential venue during Milan’s design …

16 min

Future gazing with Vitra

By keeping it in the family, furniture company Vitra has continued to flourish. We investigate its remarkable expansion under the …

5 min

Magistretti, Albini, Castiglioni & Ponti

Anima visits four studios that made design history

3 min

Molteni moves outside

Vincent Van Duysen, Molteni’s creative director, has reshaped the company’s Giussano HQ to make a platform for the launch of its new …

0 min

Notes on reflection

Anima still life with iconic furniture and furnishings

0 min

Milan map

An artistic take on the design sights of Milano

3 min

The art of the chair

Personally responsible for hundreds of eclectic designs – from garden chairs to opulent chaise longues – Antonio Citterio has always …

12 min

What are design museums for?

Understanding that design goes beyond utility and appearance, four directors from world-leading institutions explore its vital role …

15 min

Why Andrea Branzi matters

With a career long and varied enough to read as a history of contemporary design, Andrea Branzi’s restless creative thinking has led …

40 min

Antonio Citterio

5 min

Nathalie du Pasquier is inspired

The artist Nathalie du Pasquier talks about the things that influence her work

11 min

A language without words

From ancient hieroglyphs to the Olympic Games and architectural signs for the deaf community, pictograms have become a powerful tool …

12 min

Alessandro Mendini Retrospective

Alessandro Mendini was a designer who was as interested in ideas as he was in things

9 min


AFROSPORT, a new publication from Mami Wata, spotlights Africa’s history and global influence through sport and design

3 min

Anima Issue 2

The thinking behind our latest issue.

10 min

Nuclear Sublime

Michael Collins was given access to Britain’s nuclear power stations. His photographs provide an insight into a remarkable series of …

15 min

What is next for Samuel Ross

The polymath in conversation with Ayla Angelos

8 min

Where design meets art

Clémence and Didier Krzentowski set up Galerie kreo in Paris as the outcome of their personal collection. It provides a distinctive …

7 min

The political uses of typography

Few typefaces carry as much political weight as Futura. From avant-garde to mainstream, to being in Barbara Kruger’s hands and then …

13 min

Dieter Rams looks back at Braun and forward for Vitsœ

Designed 65 years ago, Dieter Rams’ shelving system, now made in Britain, has outlived his work at Braun

7 min

Designing the uncanny: How sci-fi has shaped our future

From 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) to the Metaverse, Vitra Design Museum's new exhibition showcases the mutual influence of …